Kusina's Chili Garlic

Provincial Distributor in Pampanga

Kusina’s Chili Garlic is now available in Pampanga! When it rains, it pours! The fruit of our labor closed a deal and we are so pleased to announce that we have closed a Provincial Distributor in Pampanga. 

What does it mean?

In most cases, it means that our Kapampangan Kusineros and Kusineras can now place their order with minimal to no shipping fee. This is also a great start to partner up with our Provincial Distributor and be our municipality distributor or our barangay reseller in your community. 

Kusina’s distributorship is an “abot kayang puhunan” with great income distribution. A non-saturated market is the very concept of our resellers’ distribution which means more profit for our resellers compared to our competitors.

Be a Kusina's distributor/reseller


Be a HOT Chili Garlic reseller of our fast-growing team! Sa sobrang sarap, tyak na babalikbalikan! Because Kusina loves you so much, we are having a REQUIREMENT DROP! Instead of 12 jars minimum to be qualified as our reseller, you can now join our team and be a Kusina’s Chili Garlic reseller for only 6 jars. Start your own business for only Php960.
🤩 Quality product
🤩 Exclusive Area Distribution
🤩 Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED
🤩 “In na in” na product
🤩 Earn from home.
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