Kusina's Chili Garlic

Kusina's Chili Garlic

Our homemade chiligarlic is a family recipe that has been crafted and perfected through generations. The sweet and spicy blend of the Kusina’s Chili Garlic makes it a perfect appetizer, condiments, or, as what most of our customers say, all around ulam (dish) partner that elevates the flavor of any of your favorite dish. A must try variance of chili garlic that elevates the flavor of any of your favorite dishes.

Our chili garlic is now available in Lazada and Shopee to ensure availability for everyone. You may now start placing your order in these platform yet we still highly suggest that consumers inquire on our Facebook page or by placing an order on our website to know if we have a distributor or reseller in your area.

This effort is to make things possible and affordable to our dear consumers and bring the flavors to your doorsteps. 

Interested in becoming our reseller?

That’s awesome! Can’t wait to have someone like you joins our team! We have area exclusivity and to ensure we can grant your request, please fill out the link with your details below, and one of our Kusinero/Kusinera will be in touch with you soon.